No matter how many beach destinations we have on our list, there’s no denying that Zambales is one of our top choices when it comes to quick beach getaway. It is one of the nearest from Manila with serene beaches, fun activities, and beautiful resorts — so no wonder why.

Kwentong Dagat is a newly built beach resort in Liwliwa, Zambales. We had a glamping trip here few weeks ago with friends, and we definitely had fun! It was amazing that despite the gloomy weather, the place still looked lovely and peaceful.



Kwentong Dagat Zambales — Our Beach Glamping Experience

The resort itself might look really jungle-ish but the road going there is smooth. Free parking is available within the premises and I was glad that even the parking area is being shaded by an army of pine trees. It is also just a 5-min drive from the public market where you can buy food supplies. We booked a cabin via Airbnb and I appreciate that check-in/out process was effortless!


Our cabin


After checking in at the reception, the staff escorted us to our glamping cabin. It looked rustic and its native style makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest faraway from civilization. But not until you open it and see that it actually has an airconditioner, comfy beds, and most importantly, a relaxing fragrance which was quite unexpected!

The cabins are lofted and has 2 double beds and 1 loft bed ideal for up to 6 persons. It has basic conveniences like hooks for clothes and towels, 2 pairs of electric outlets for charging, a lamp shade, and an extra fan for the loft bed. Toilet paper and hand-made soaps were also provided. It’s not a typical five-star hotel, but I definitely consider this a five-star backpacker’s glamping!


Sneak peek
Meet the squad: (Top) Diane; (L-R) Me, Chie, and Liezel.
Inside the lofted glamping cabin


The resort also has shared comfort rooms and wash area. There’s a sufficient number of toilet and shower cubicles (all functional) available for guests so no worries about long queue. Washbasins were also available with a couple of huge mirrors conveniently installed. Liquid hand soap was provided at the wash area.


Wash area
Liquid hand soaps provided!
Wash area again. Forgot to take photos of the toilet&bath.


What’s more? An outdoor kitchen complete with basic cooking tools, plates, utensils, sink, gas stove, and griller. Dining area was huge with several tables and chairs. Have I mentioned that they also serve free breakfast? Unlimited brewed coffee and bread with different spreads, not that heavy but enough to wake you up and start your day. There’s a weak cellular signal at the resort but it gets strong as you go to the beach area.

And you might ask, how about the aircon? Is it cool enough? Well, let me just show you a photo of our dearest cooking oil which also happened to fall asleep just like we did.


Ssshhh… The cooking oil is asleep…


It was literally a chilly night, good thing the blankets provided were fleeced so we had a sound sleep. There’s also an 11pm curfew which means you can laugh, sing, and shout as much as you want before clock hits 11pm.

So now, are you convinced that this is certainly a five-star backpacker’s glamping?


Me and Diane #flexing the cabins
Jungle-ish, right?
The sky was starting to get dark


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They only have 4 available cabins as of writing so make sure to book yours in advance. There’s an ongoing construction of a 2-storey building for family rooms, and tent rental is also available from the resort or you can bring your own (rates provided at the later part of this post).

I also loved how the place glows at night! It was like the only resort that lights up everytime darkness creeps in. It looked magical! But then again, we forgot to take photos. We got busy preparing our dinner. Speaking of which, authentic beach experience is not complete without grilling your own food for at least once. Always remember that, folks!


Grilling our chicken
Our dinner


Our dinner was grilled chicken and fish (yellowfin). Dip was soy sauce with lotsa onions, garlic, and raw tomatoes (oh I’m drooling now). Desserts were bananas and Mr. Donuts munchkins that we bought from 7-eleven just fronting the public market. We also bought snacks and drinking water at 7-eleven. Everything else we bought from the public market. Fresh meats, vegetables, and fish are available!

And for our breakfast, aside from the free brewed coffee and breads, we also cooked fried talong (eggplant), and paired it with itlog na maalat (salted egg) that we bought from the market. Still, heavy breakfast FTW!

The resort also offers vegan food which we planned to try for our lunch, but the cook wasn’t available. Huhu. So if you plan to try their vegan food, please inform the owner ahead of time.

Side note: We wanted to try vegan food but it doesn’t mean we agree with all vegan ideologies that contradict our Christian beliefs. It’s more on “curiosity” if it really tastes like meat 😉



I personally liked the beach and the sands here. There are rough parts but most are smooth especially when you walk farther from the shore. I remember a friend told me that beaches in Zambales aren’t that nice because it suddenly gets deep (which is true for Crystal Beach in San Narciso). But our experience here in Liwliwa is the exact opposite. The sea floor slopes down very gently making it a safe beach destination for everyone.

The sands aren’t that powdery and white, but it’s clean! It’s more on the shades of grey. The waves were a little angry though as the weather wasn’t so cooperative that time. The only downside I’ve seen at the beach was the cluster of blue pipes that happened to be visible because it was low tide. A local said it’s for the water supply for a nearby hatchery farm. I’m not sure if there are bad effects but I’m hoping there’s none.


Jeric excited for the ocean
Watch tower
Jeric and Diane wading at the beach. They were a bit far from the shore (this shot is zoomed), but it was still knee deep!
Walking at the beach is best done with barefoot


We all know that beaches in Liwliwa are great for surfing, but our timing wasn’t that good as the weather wasn’t nice. We’re too insistent though, Liezel, Jeric, and I still pushed through our surfing sessions on our second day! I asked the instructor if we can surf with that state of the ocean, and he said we can so we proceeded.

But as I’ve said, the weather wasn’t cooperating! Our pals on the shore couldn’t take our photos because it was drizzling. We still had fun though, but our bodies were aching so badly after the session due to series of stumbling and getting up over and over again! It was a tough fight with the mother ocean, but at least it will be much easier for us when we surf again with nice waves!

Surfing lessons with surf board rental is 500 per person which you can book directly at the resort. An instructor and a receiver will be assigned for each surfer. The instructor is the one who will help you catch waves, and the receiver will assist you upon reaching the shore, or everytime you stumble and fall.


How to get there

Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort, being just a 3-min drive from the highway, is quite easy to locate. It’s convenient for both commuters and with private vehicle. Here’s how you can get there.

Via Commute:
1. Take a Victory Liner bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales.
2. Alight at San Felipe Public Market.
3. Ride a tricycle to Kwentong Dagat Resort.

Via private vehicle:
You can find Kwentong Dagat in Google Maps or Waze.


Budget Breakdown

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses for our trip. Note that food and transportation budget may vary depending on your preferences.

ItemCost (Php)
Accommodation (via Airbnb)4,968
Food supplies & drinking water1,186
Cooking fee300
TOTAL8,829 or 1,765 per person

I did not include the surfing fee since not everyone availed it. If you want to include surfing, just add 500 per person.


Kwentong Dagat Rates & Inclusions

-Entrance fee of P250/person for 6 is waived
-Free Breakfast
-Air conditioned room
-Use of outdoor kitchen and equipment (gas and charcoal not included)
-Shared Bathroom (no hot shower/water is weak at times)
-Basic Toiletries
4,800.00/night (weekend rate)
4,000.00/night (weekday rate)
Additional Guest per cabin (only 1 additional guest allowed)250
-Free Breakfast
-Use of outdoor kitchen and equipment (gas and charcoal not included)
-Shared Bathroom (no hot shower/water is weak at times)
-Basic Toiletries: Shampoo and Conditioner
750/night (2-3pax)
1,000/night (3-4pax)
1,250/night (4-5pax)
2,000/night (7-8pax)
-Free Breakfast
-Use of outdoor kitchen and equipment (gas and charcoal not included)
-Shared Bathroom (no hot shower/water is weak at times)
-Basic Toiletries: Shampoo and Conditioner
350/head (walk-in)
250/head (reservation)
Extra Mattress200/night
Extra Blanket100/pc
Extra Pillow100/pc
Cooking Fee300 for the whole stay


Where to book?

It’s great that you have several options in booking your stay in Kwentong Dagat:

  1. Agoda – This is where you can get the lowest price for your stay. It’s actually one of our favorite booking sites!
  2. Airbnb – Another hassle-free and safe booking option.


You can also book your transportation to Zambales via 12Go Asia.

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